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Web portal Solarjob is still under construction! If you won't yet find everything you are looking for, please be patient, we are adding more context fast!

Are you looking for contracts for you professional cleanign company? Are you looking for professionals to clean your solar of photovoltaic powerplant? If you answered yes to one of those questions, you are attherightplace!

For owners of solar powerplants: at this webportal, you will find a lot of information regarding cleaning of solar panels, you will find advises, and moreover you will be able to communicate with many professional cleaning companies. Its quick and easy, we did all the work for you. Companies have set of unique tags, which will tell you what technology does this company use and if they are trully as good, as they say themselves. Those tags are given to companies only if they fulfill requests from our side, or if they prove, that they are using proper technology for cleaning solar panels. For more information, visit HELP section. This service is for FREE!

For cleaning companies: you will find a lot of usefull information for your business and many opportunities to gain contracts. Feel free to browse all the information and contact us if anything is unclear!